Why choose Flatbed Trucking Service to the US and Canada

Flatbed Trucking Services provide the facility to businesses and companies to transport large, heavy and oversized freight. Whether your demand is to transport cargo across the States in Canada or across the country into the United States, there are many transportation companies that offer your flatbed trucking service. They companies provide a variety of flatbed trailer sizes to accommodate your freight type.


Flatbed trucking is the most ideal way to ship consignment that cannot easily be transported in enclosed trucks/dry vans or shipping containers. Flatbed trailers offer greater freedom of space and dimensional flexibility. Moreover, flatbed trailers are convenient to load and unload. They have open space to load and unload large equipment and cargo, which can be easily lifted on or off the trailer using cranes.

The type of freight generally transported by flatbed trucking includes building material, machinery and large equipment.

Why should you choose flatbed trucking carrier in USA

There are a large number of advantages that flatbed trucking companies in USA offer to companies wanting to ship their large equipment or machinery. The benefits offered by flatbed trailers are what make them really crucial for certain typical type of shipments. Flatbed trucks for example offer easier and quicker loading and unloading and provide transportation option for overweight and oversized items like –

  • Long load trucking
  • Heavy haul trucking
  • Wide load shipping

Types of trailers utilized for flatbed trucking

Transportation companies in the United States offer flatbed trucking services for a host of freight types and a range of flatbed trailers to transport the same. Whether you cargo is feasible for step deck trailer or you need heavy haul shipping for maybe an oversized shipment, the companies have your covered.

The most commonly used types of trailers that are used in flatbed trucking services include:

  • The traditionally used flatbed trucks
  • Removable goose neck trailers
  • Long step deck trailers
  • Maxis
  • Double drop deck trailers

Crucial facilities provided by shipping companies in flatbed trucking

Carriers around the United States and Canada work in synchronization to provide clients with most reliable flatbed trucking services. The companies use all types of flatbed trailers and ensure the following advantages

Very affordable rates: The transportation companies in the US and Canada partner with companies across border to offer flatbed trucking service. The partnership makes it easier for a carrier on the other side of the border the ship the client’s consignment at most affordable flatbed trucking rates.

Quick response time: The transportation companies in the US and Canada provide around the clock service, they provide you freight rate for any flatbed trucking instantly.

Fast transit: Since the companies have all types of trailers in their kitty, they ensure reliable and on time delivery. Some companies even offer expedited delivery services for clients with demand for quicker dispatch of the shipment.

Reliable management of the freight: The transportation companies provide clients with appropriate tracking information of their shipment for every flatbed trucking service. The tracking service allows clients to keep a real time track of the location of their shipment. Each company has a customer care service, which ensures problem-free shipping for every flatbed shipment.

Transport management: When working with licensed transporters in the US and Canada you can be sure that all the necessary tasks, in addition to loading and unloading of freight will be taken care off. The transporter will make arrangement for all necessary permissions, including clearance licenses and inspections.

Transporting with an established flatbed trucking service you can have peace of mind, since your valuable cargo will be shipped in safe hands.

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