Shipping Full Truckload (FTL) freight from USA to Edmonton

Full truckload freight transportation service is used to ship a very large shipment that fills up an entire shipping container or truck. FTL shipping is the quickest means to transport cargo from one place to another and all freight weight over 25,000 pounds require full truckload shipping. Let’s read further how one can benefit with FTL transportation.

Full truckload, as informed, is the fastest means of transporting a very large shipment between places. Full truckload freight transportation ensures door-to-door shipping service. Basically put, the shipment arrives faster at its destination as it does not have to go through any pit stops or central shipping hubs en route.


When shipping Full Truckload (FTL) Freight from USA to Edmonton with Road King Logistics, you can be rest assured, the shipment will arrive as fast as possible without any delays of loading and unloading midway, which is so much a case with less-than truckload freight. There are no hidden charges, but the client is required to pay the transportation fee and ensure all documents related to the cargo are complete.

A premium trucking company for USA to Edmonton freight shipping, Road King Logistics, charges clients for their full truckload freight on per mile basis instead of size or weight. During freight transportation between USA to Edmonton, the shipping company ensures there is less risk of loss or damage to the cargo, since freight is loaded onto the truck at the client’s location and it does not leave the truck until it has been delivered at the agreed destination. When shipment reaches the destination, client or his agent is required to be present to receive the same. Road King Logistics staff will unload the truck and deliver the cargo in safe hands.

Benefits of Full Truckload freight shipping

If you have a large shipment – freight which is good enough to fill out an entire container of a truck, shipping by full truckload is a better and in expensive means of transportation in comparison with less than truckload shipping.

Truckload freight shipping offers the following other benefits:

Dedicated truck service: Shipping companies provide a dedicated truck for FLT, which means there is a single loading point and a solitary unloading point.

Quick response: Full truckload is the quickest means of transporting freight between places. Being fastest means, it is also the safest. Since, cargo is not routed on central hub system, and not transferred truck-to-truck, FLT shipping is easier and quicker

Safe means: As said, full truckload freight shipping is safe. Cargo is only handled while loading and uploading, which minimizes chances of damage and mishandling of the packages

Accurate support: Full truckload freight carriers are in a better position to give clients a near accurate estimate of the time of delivery

Partner benefits: Truckload shipping companies have numerous established and working relationships with some trusted transportation companies which ensure better movement and delivery of the freight

Costing: Another advantage of shipping with full truckload is that you are charged on basis of miles your shipment has travelled; unlike with less than truckload, where freight is charged according to weight or size

When you have a large shipment, with single place for pickup and drop, you must opt for full truckload freight as it will costs you lesser than transporting it with less than truckload. For shipping quote freight USA to Edmonton you can get in touch with the shipping companies such as Road King Logistics and be assured you’re shipment will travel fast and safely to its destination. No matter how much cargo you need to move, or where you want to ship it, full truckload carrier will make it simple for you.

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